Ugly or Unique? The Season’s Hottest Color Trend Will Make You Do a Double-Take

One of the most challenging parts of decorating your home is making hard decisions about colors without really knowing how something will look in the space. If you suffer from Decor Decision Fatigue Syndrome, you’ll be thrilled to hear about one of the season’s hottest colors: chartreuse!

It’s an energetic color that’s a combination of yellow and green, so you never have to decide between the two.

“Chartreuse is trending because it’s a vibrant color that gives energy to any room,” says Kate Spiro, an interior designer in New York City. “This color can easily brighten up any space.”

You might be skeptical of such a loud tone—and we get it. We too initially wrinkled our noses at chartreuse’s particular pea-soup shade of yellow-green.

But here’s the thing: If you give chartreuse a chance, you may find that it works surprisingly well with many other hues, adds Annabel Joy, co-founder of Trim Design Co., in Massachusetts.

“It’s such a great accent color when paired with the deep moody hues that are trending right now, like deep moss greens, charcoals, plums, and midnight blues,” Joy says, “and it really pops against those rich dark hues.”

Ready to choose chartreuse? Here’s how to add this colorific combo to each space in your home.

In the living room

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If you’ve got a living room painted in a dark color like navy or charcoal—or just a dark sofa—try chartreuse accent pieces to give the room a bit of a bright pop.

Add in a rug, throw pillows—or just some coasters if you want to keep it simple. If you want to go all in on the color and make a bold statement, a chartreuse sofa is a rich piece worth investing in.

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In the dining room

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Chartreuse might not be your first thought when you think of your dining room, but the green/yellow combo pairs beautifully with a rich wooden table and chairs. Your whole space will feel elevated as you add in a chartreuse accent wall, drapery, or simply set the table with chartreuse dinner napkins.

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In the bedroom

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Chartreuse accents can brighten up your bedroom (especially now that it’s winter and less light is coming in). Try painting a chartreuse accent wall behind or next to your bed for ultimate brightness.

For a more understated look, hang some chartreuse art prints, or choose chartreuse sheets for your bed under a dark navy comforter. You could also put a chartreuse throw or ottoman at the end of your bed, or even accent with a dynamic chartreuse reading chair where you’ll want to cozy up in all seasons.

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In the bathroom

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Chartreuse is here to bring some cheer to your bath, too. Start with chartreuse accessories like towels or a shower curtain. If you’re feeling bold, a chartreuse paint color gives a completely new look to a large bath. Or, try the color in a graphic wallpaper for a small hall bath.

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