The Property Brothers Design a New Honeymoon Home: Guess Who It’s For?

Property Brothers: Forever Home


The stars of “Property Brothers: Forever Home” have created yet another honeymoon house! And no, it’s not for Drew Scott (because he already has one), nor is it for Jonathan (since he hasn’t popped the question yet, as far as we know). So who’s it for? Their brother J.D.

In the latest episode, titled “J.D. and Annalee,” we learn that Drew and Jonathan’s brother has been living in a Las Vegas tract home for about 10 years now. And frankly, he hasn’t paid much attention to it, which is a bit of a surprise, because we’ve seen him on TV helping his renovating brothers with quite a few projects. You know that saying about the cobbler’s kids going barefoot? It seems to be a little like that.

But since he’s about to wed the lovely and colorful Annalee Belle, J.D. figures it’s time to up his domestic game, and who better to help him than his own brothers?

The brothers aim to make J.D.’s humble three-bedroom, one-bath home with a dirt yard into a forever home that suits Belle’s colorful aesthetic, as well as J.D.’s own modern manly tastes. And they’ll do it on a budget of $130,000.

Property Brothers: Forever Home
J.D. Scott and his fiancée, Annalee Belle


As the brothers strip this place down to the studs, they give us some fabulous advice for freshening up our own living spaces. Check it out!

That maroon velvet sofa has got to go!

When Jonathan and Drew first walk in the front door, they’re greeted by a big, puffy, maroon velvet sofa that has faded to a dirty rose color. It’s an eyesore, but J.D. points out that it’s been serving him well for years.

“When you own a piece of furniture for over two decades … good on you!” says Drew, not wanting to offend.

Jonathan is less forgiving: “You’ve had it for 20 years, but it’s been out of style for 18 years.”

It will be the first thing to go.

A room where you can get away with brilliant color

You thought we were going to say the powder room, didn’t you? Nah—everybody knows that already. The Scott brothers decide to go bold and beautiful in the laundry closet. (They’re calling it the “laundry suite,” but really it’s just a couple of doors opening to shelves, cupboards, and the washer and dryer). In any case, they’ve chosen to do it in a bright purple plum color, and it adds just the pizazz that Belle craves.

Property Brothers: Forever Home
Plum purple laundry suite


Mind the kitchen doors

We’re talking appliance doors: When you install them, make sure there’s plenty of clearance for the doors to swing open. Belle demonstrates how the microwave door awkwardly slams into the side of the refrigerator when you attempt to open it wide. That issue will be remedied when the brothers steal space from the laundry room to expand the kitchen.

Make sure the king studs are intact

Jonathan opens the master bedroom wall to make sure there’s no termite damage, as there has been in many homes in the neighborhood. He finds that the king stud, or the main support that is supposed to go from floor to ceiling and hold up the roof, has been cut, so it doesn’t reach the floor or the ceiling—it’s just kind of nailed there in the middle of the wall.

This makes Jonathan realize that he’s going to have to open all of the walls to look for termite damage and to make sure that the other king studs have not been compromised and are doing their jobs. This extensive reframing is going to set J.D. back an extra $2,400, but it sure beats having your home collapse on you.

A fabulous new surface for an accent wall

This home needs an accent wall. Installing used brick would be far too bulky and time-consuming, so Jonathan goes for foam brick sheets—billed as easy to trim, paintable, and water-resistant (so it can easily be wiped clean). They paint the white brick sheets a matte black, and they really do boost the home’s cool factor.

Property Brothers: Forever Home
A black accent wall covered with foam brick sheets


Dark colors are cool

Speaking of using dark color, Jonathan opts to paint the master bedroom wall a very deep teal blue. In the Las Vegas desert, that provides a cozy, cool retreat from the intense sunshine outside, and looks very elegant.


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Gravel + faux turf = a low-maintenance lawn

Anything’s better than the dirt front yard J.D.’s house has before they begin the renovation—clearly J.D. is not into lawn maintenance! So Jonathan and Drew opt to redo the front with gravel and faux turf. J.D. selects turf that isn’t brilliant green, and has shorter fibers mixed in with the taller green ones, so it looks more natural.

They also opt for drought-resistant plants such as lantana, Mediterranean fan palms, and geraniums for color. Painting over the cement gray exterior walls with a cool green, adding white trim, and putting a white picket fence around the yard also help.

Property Brothers: Forever Home
J.D.’s renovated home exterior


Do the ‘Property Brothers’ stars deliver?

This time, it’s personal—they even recruit their charming Scottish father to come in and help. So it’s no surprise that everyone is in tears when the outcome is finally revealed. Yes, real men do cry.

And J.D. is so appreciative. “This is what I’ve been envisioning for years,” he says happily.

Everyone else, including the rest of us, can’t help but envision J.D. and Belle living there, happily ever after.

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