Gather ‘Round! We’ve Got 7 Unusual Holiday Wreaths to Celebrate the Season

Gather 'Round! We've Got 7 Unusual Holiday Wreaths To Celebrate the Season


With the holidays right around the corner, it’s time to break out your favorite festive winter decor: the tried-and-true holiday wreath!

But as much as we love tradition, holiday wreaths can often be a little too traditional. Why always the same colors? Why the same shape? This year, rather than running to the nearest nursery and buying your standard green wreath with a bright red bow, check out some different options we have in mind.

We searched far and wide for some of the most stunning and tradition-defying holiday wreaths of the season, plus all the details on how you can get or make your own. Keep reading for these seven unique ideas for holiday wreaths that will give your home a fresh dose of festivity.

1. Merry garden clippings

Skip the boring pine bough wreath and opt instead for one made from a variety of green cuttings, like this one featured by @stamford_flowers.

“Everyone knows fall cleanup is underway, so why not put those random pine cones and greens from your yard to good use?” says designer Melissa Selvaggio of Melissa’s Designs. “What we love about this look is that it can be used for the entire winter, not just holiday season.”

Take your shears out to the garden and get clipping, or buy your very own faux yard wreath from Ballard Designs.

2. Fruit, spice, and everything nice

Who says wreaths are limited to just the green stuff—or that they have to hang on your front door? Certainly not @roxannesdriedflowers. Fruit wreaths are a great way to add an unexpected pop of holiday cheer to just about any surface of your home.

“We love this look to embellish the hood above your stove, or behind your kitchen or dining table,” Selvaggio says. “Adding fruit makes it feel bountiful and ready for a yummy holiday dinner. I can smell the mulled cider just looking at this.”

Make your own fruity wreath by following this tutorial, or pick out your favorite one from Etsy.

3. Holiday star wreath

There’s no rule that wreaths have to be round; in fact, we may never buy another round wreath again after seeing this gorgeous creation from @hopes_and_blooms.

“The star reminds us of the classic tree topper, and adding some greens makes it feel fun and festive,” Selvaggio says. “Simple metals stars are the perfect accompaniment to a chic and modern space, and you can use existing ornaments, greenery, and a glue gun to create your own masterpiece.”

Get started on your very own starry creation by shopping these wreath frames from Terrain.

4. Minimalist wintry motif

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⭐Oh little town of Bethlehem ✨Most of my wreaths come in either a 19″ hoop or a 14″ hoop. I tend to post pictures of the 19″ hoops because I have them in stock more frequently, but I wanted to show you guys an example of the 14″ hoop! I think 14″ still looks lovely on a door, and they tend to be more versatile if you want to hang it somewhere else inside your home 💕 • • • • • #Christmaswreath #christmashoopwreath #christmas #winterwreath #winterdecor #christmasdecor #wreath #minimalist #homedecor #hoopwreath #floral #greenery #modern #gift #etsy #minimalism #interiordesign #handmade #decoration #design #decor #lovedecor #farmhousestyle #chicdecor #homeandgarden #decorandfriends

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Another great spin on the traditional wreath is this little, minimalist wintry motif featured by @grace.and.home.

“I love minimalist wreaths because they can be easily added to your existing motif to bring holiday flair, without the hassle of changing out all of your decor,” says Liza Pruitt, founder and curator of the Liza Pruitt Art Collective.

“To add depth and texture, I like to layer mine on top of existing artwork or add them to a gallery wall,” says Pruitt.

Shop your very own minimalist wreath from NovaWreaths.

5. Gilded walnuts

Walnuts aren’t just good for garnishing your favorite holiday dishes; they also make great wreaths, as we can see in this post from @justynakosieradzka.

”This gilded walnut wreath adds a great textural element without all the glitter and traditional red and green,” Selvaggio says.

Check out this video to learn how to make your own.

6. Cranberries and ‘snow’

Nothing will add that instant cheer to your holiday wreath quite like combining ruby-red cranberries with cotton snow, as pictured in this beautiful DIY ensemble from @daisymaebelle.

“Dreaming of your own country farmhouse Christmas? Grab some ribbon and cranberries, and accent an existing black pine cone wreath for a quick refresh,” Selvaggio says.

Snag this mixed-berry wreath from Wayfair, and add some cotton balls to make your own.

7. Shimmering magnolia

Holiday wreaths really don’t have to be that much different from a wreath you use the rest of the year, as we can see in this post from @roxannesdriedflowers.

“Amping up the natural essence of magnolia leaves with a pop of gold is a great way to put a unique spin on a holiday classic,” Pruitt says.

Have a favorite magnolia wreath on hand? Pick up a bottle of gold spray paint from Home Depot to transform it into a glittering holiday masterpiece.

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